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On the darkside.

This is what we're talking about: mad colours, contrasts, disjointed-ness, Leon Kennedy. It is certainly the style de mode. And lots of people seem to want this type, so I'm not complaining. Uses Poe's Haunted for text.

This is a remake of a rather dull layout I had for my private journal a while back, and I swear this pictre is cursed. X) I start out trying to make it simply colourful, end up making poor ol' Kennedy into some kind of strange goth. Oh well, you have been warned. Preview is, as ever, at rinchi.

A minimal, classy layout! How many of these d'you see around here? Features Resident Evil: 4's Leon S. Kennedy (again). Uses Dredg's Ode to the Sun and a sidebar. rinchi's in use with the other Kennedy layout, so click on the picture to see a screencap.

Anyway, if you want either of these layouts please email me or comment and leave a way to contact you. :)

(But it can't be just me who thinks that this thumbnail makes Leon look like Sephiroth, right?)

EDIT: Did I mention these are both GENERATOR layouts? If your journal ain't GENERATOR, the layout won't work. If you don't understand, just comment and I'll elaborate. :)
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