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An Interview With The Vampire FST, mainly from Louis' point of view, because the film really deserves one.

Summary with lots and lots of spoilers: the pony-tailed vampire Louis de Point du Lac tells his life story to a reporter, which goes something like this: sometime in a century when men wore frills, Louis is a man. He is depressed and gay. Lestat is a vampire. He is bored and gay. Lestat makes Louis a gay vampire at which point Louis angsts and pouts a lot and sets his house on fire. Something vaguely resembling a plot thus unfolds for the rest of the film, involving an incongrously female character called Claudia. Lestat made her a vampire to stop Louis leaving him, and she ends up murdering Lestat in a vain attempt to stop them being really, really gay together get revenge for being made a vampire so young. The film goes on, Louis meeting some Frenchman called Armand who has the hots for him and Claudia getting murdered secretly by said French vampire, resulting in Armand having a very large fanbase. Louis finally stops pouting and rejects Armand. It is now the present day, Louis has finished narrating his story and Lestat is miraculously still alive. Cue fans happily awaiting a suitably gay indulgent sequel which never came and a begrudging respect for Anne Rice.

Summary with no spoilers: Brad Pitt and Tom Cruise are really, really gay together. Roll credits.

- - -

01. Rob Dougan- Speed Me Towards Death
I don't want to die slowly, I don't want to decay, I want to be chosen, I want to be made
I don't want to die lonely and weary of life, I will not be earthbound
I'd die for some company.

Enter Louis de Point du Lac, stage right. Are these not his thoughts just prior to catching Lestat's eye? He lost his wife and child, now wants to lose his fortune, sanity and above all his life. But the fact that the first time Lestat bites him he asks not to die shows that Louis's not quite sure what he wants. Although he lives to regret it later, he is won over by Lestat's promises of otherworldlyness. In hindsight, someone really should have reminded him to be careful what you wish for.

02. Radiohead- Suck Young Blood
Are you hungry, are you sick, are you begging for a break?
Are you sweet, are you fresh, are you strung up by the wrists?
We want the young blood.

Tonight, Matthew, Thom Yorke will be playing the part of Lestat. He was initially attracted to Louis' youth and beauty, specifically his fine black hair and deep green eyes, and was practically looking for an excuse to bite him. Louis wants to be rid of his problems one way or another, and Lestat was more than happy to help him out.

03. Massive Attack- Black Milk
You're not my eater, I'm not your food
Eat me in the space within my heart
Love you for God, love you for the Mother

The song for the times when Louis brings up the issue of God, and flatly states that they're all going to hell. He is rebuked both by Lestat and Armand who state that maybe God doesn't want them, maybe God doesn't exist or even maybe they are gods. Something of a jaded Lestat/Louis song from the latter's point of view, because it's too devoid of self-congratulation to echo Lestat's sentiments.

04. Revis- Places for Breathing
All around you there's a feeling you lost, that everything beautiful is not what it was.

On his first night as a vampire, Louis is told by Lestat to look around him with his new vampire eyes. While at first he is overcome by the beauty of the night, Louis soon realises that he will never be able to appreciate the world as he did as a human again. He's gained the ability to find fascination in everything, but at a distressingly high price.

05. Pearl Jam- Garden
The direction of the eye, so misleading
The defection of the soul, nauseously quick
I don't question our existence, I just question our modern needs

A song for Louis having grudginly come to terms with being what he is. He accepts that it was his weakness which put him in the position in the first place, holds no great chagrin with Lestat but is still has a lingering respect for life which puts him in a difficult position. Thus he spends his time preying on animals and reflecting on the immorality of vampirism. All whilst Lestat is busy living it up in Paris, of course.

06. Poets of the Fall- Someone Special
A foggy morning greets me quietly today, I smell a fragrance in the wind blowing my way
And ever further I run to find her
Back row to the left, a little to the side, slightly out of place
Look beyond the light, where you'd least expect there's someone special.

Having just broken his promise never to take a human life, Louis is at a low point of his life. Yet, with Lestat's help, out of this gloom comes light, as Claudia is born. She gives Louis a purpose in life, clears his conscience and tethers him to reality. Although the two make an incongruous pair (Claudia young, disturbingly powerful and impulsive; Louis wise beyond his years) the relationship becomes concrete, which is good for the moment, but in the long run...

07. Bush- 40 Miles from the Sun
I need to lose to make it right, I'll confront the stars tonight
I will babble, I will bite
You will never know how much you shine

A song for Louis' sickened acceptance of Claudia's death. He blames himself for everything which happened to her of course, but having walked the city streets for many a night he cannot help but face facts. He never really gets over her death, burdened now with guilt for both her and Lestat's demise, and has only one man to turn to. Strangely fortunate for Armand, eh?

08. Sugarcult- Counting Stars
Hey I want to crawl out of my skin, apologize for all my sins, all the things I should have said to you
Hey I can't make it go away, over and over in my brain again, all the things I should have said to you
I never ever meant to hurt you, I only did what I had to.

Perhaps something like the thoughts Armand read in the basement of the theatre, perhaps not. The song for Louis' mental apology to Lestat, whom he admits he wronged. As is the case for most people, he didn't appreciate his maker until he was gone - if only Lestat could hear him now.

09. Hooverphonic- Everytime We Live Together We Die A Bit More
Everybody wants one, everybody's got one, everybody, everybody wants to be loved
Is it you who's going to guide me through this labyrinth of poems, is it you that's going to make me feel home?
And every time we live together we just die a bit more.

A song for the not-so symbiotic relationship of Louis and Lestat. Lestat openly likes Louis for his humanity (and his beauty doesn't hurt, either), but Louis is far more tentative about his regard for Lestat. He admires him simply because he is Lestat, because he manages to enjoy living what Louis thinks of as a curse. The two are fundamentally incompatible, but can hardly exist without each other.

10. Sneaker Pimps- Black Sheep
Don't look now, we're stranded here as black sheep
Swallowed whole and out of reach, the black sheep.

Both alive, both as much involved with one another as when the first met, Louis and Lestat will always move through the world as outsiders. They are shunned by vampires for their actions in the past and of course have no ties to the human world, leading to a very lonely existence indeed. Whilst Lestat revels in this Louis endures it, but this only serves to bring them closer together. Practically immortal, the pair have no one but themselves for comfort - they might as well just keep on living.

Thank you for looking! You're probably all laughing at how seriously I'm taking this really unserious film, but whatever, sometimes even the most amusing films require deep profound analysis. >D If you'd like the FST and cover art (all 52.4MB of it), please
download it here.
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