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Throw me love, come over

Throw me down, come under

28 June
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Welcome to my graphic journal, where I post layouts and the occasional batch of icons and FSTs. All my graphics are free, with the only thing I ask for in return is credit.

The layout features Heine from Miwa Shirow's DOGS: BULLETS&CARNAGE. Uses Delerium's Euphoria for its inspiration and lyrics. I love that song. ♥ It is generator style optimised for LJ's free accounts, which is what all my layouts are. Some people are surprised how much you can do with a free account. :)

If you like my graphics and would like an icon, a batch of icons, a layout or a tutorial, please feel free to ask me. :) Tell me what you'd like; we can sort out the details via our respective Inboxes. I'm happy to make mostly anything, and there's no strings attached. Take advantage of this (perhaps) temporary situation, you know you want to.

I am looking for affilates at the moment, and will accept generally anyone so long as a.) the journal in question is a graphics journal and b.) they have something in common with me. Should you want to affilate with me, email me or simply comment on one of my posts telling me the name of your journal. That's all there is to it.

My affilates so far are: